We place men and women with prior convictions into paid work across the north east

If you are looking for paid work, we can help.

Practical steps – help to:

  • Create a CV
  • Draft a Disclosure Letter
  • Re-apply for birth certificates and National Insurance evidence (your Right to Work documents)
  • Obtain photo ID (provisional driver’s licence or Citizen Card)
  • Mock interview practice
  • Refresh lapsed ‘tickets’ or gain new qualifications (i.e. CSCS card, forklift licence …)
  • Obtain funding for more specialised training (i.e. HGV, offshore / renewables…)
  • Source workwear / PPE and trades tools

Employer introductions – we will:

  • Support you through the interview process
  • Source brand new interview clothes if needed
  • Provide a “Letter of Engagement” if a reference is required
  • Offer 6-months’ mentoring support once you are in work
  • Keep the door open to you, if more than one attempt is needed

Priority needs in place – we need you to:

  • Have no ongoing issues with drugs or alcohol (including no opiate treatment therapy i.e. methadone)
  • Have one fixed address where you always stay (including hostel accommodation / Approved Premises, excluding sofa-surfing or rough sleeping)
  • Not have any pending court cases or outstanding warrants

Our 2021 – 2023 snapshot



individuals with prior convictions



into paid work

Retention rates


still in post at 6 months




“I’m still happily working at YC, we are open for breakfast now from 7.30am so plenty of hours and lots to keep us busy. I’d have never thought of myself in this position this time last year and had it not been for you amazing lot, who knows where I’d have ended up. Because I’m making the most of what I have and being happy with my lot. And I still have a lot! I have also found myself a lovely, loving girlfriend too, which I never thought was going to be a possibility (yes, you were right!) I want to let you all know that your efforts for me will never be forgotten and I will always be grateful for you helping me get my second chance.”

Grant K